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Crovex is a simple and modern admin template with super clean design. Crovex is fully responsive and built using bootstrap v4. It comes with tons of UI elements, components, widgets and sample pages. It helps to build out a modern and beautiful admin panel, dashboard or any saas based application easily. The flexible layouts, themes including dark caters needs of any modern web application.

You are important for us and so please feel free to get back to me with any question or feedback.

I have tried my best to have standards and modular structure while developing the theme. Following sections are explaining the theme File & Folder, structure, html file struture and plugins.

File & Folder Structure

Theme Directory

├── Crovex_1.0/
│	│ 
│	├── apps/
│	│   	└── All Apps pages
│	│
│	├── assets/
│	│	├── css/
│	│	│   	└── All css files.		
│	│	├── fonts/
│	│	│	└── All fonts files.	
│	│	├── images/
│	│	│   	└── All images
│	│	├── pages/
│	│	│   	└── All the pages related scripts
│	│	├── js/
│	│	│   	└── All common Javascripts files 
│	│	└── scss/
│	│		└── All scss files 
│	├── authentication/
│	│   	└── Auth and error related pages
│	│
│	├── dashboard/
│	│   	└── All dashboards 
│	│
│	├── demo/
│	│   	└── All demo 
│	│
│	├── horizontal/
│	│   	└── Horizontal layout and demo
│	│
│	├── leftbar-tab-menu/
│	│   	└── Tab menu layout and demo
│	│
│	├── others/
│	│	└── UI Kit, forms, charts, tables, widgets, etc
│	│
│	├── pages/
│		└── Secondary pages including profile, invoice, pricing etc
├── docu
│	└── documentation files
├── plugins
│	└── All plugins

HTML Structure


Crovex comes with power of SCSS. The css files can be generated from scss by simply following below steps:

We are using gulp which allows to easily compilation of scss to csss. In case if you don't know - Gulp is a gulp is a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something. You can read it more about it here


Please follow below steps to install and setup all prerequisites:

  • Nodejs

    Make sure to have the Node.js installed & running in your computer. If you already have installed nodejs on your computer, you can skip this step

  • Gulp

    Make sure to have the Gulp installed & running in your computer. If you already have installed gulp on your computer, you can skip this step. In order to install, just run command npm install -g gulp from your terminal.

  • Git

    Make sure to have the Git installed & running in your computer. If you already have installed git on your computer, you can skip this step


To setup, follow below mentioned steps:

  • Install Prerequisites

    Make sure to have all above prerequisites installed & running in your computer

  • Install Dependencies

    Open your terminal, go to your folder and enter the command npm install. This would install all required dependencies in node_modules folder.

After you finished with above steps, you can run the command to compile scss into css: gulp

Following are the stylesheet files:

File Description
bootstrap.bundle.min.js Crovex uses the bootstrap v4.4.1. The core bootstrap file is being used in all the pages.
icons.css Combines various font icons. You should remove the fonts you don't plan to use from this file and recompile it.
style.css The main stylesheet file, it's being generated from scss and contains all the css styles combined.


Crovex uses jQuery, Bootstrap JS framework(at its core) and some of the third-party plugins. There are may more third party plugin which you can use according to your needs. The css is already containing matching style for these plugins so you will not need to do anything around it.

They are explained below:

File Description
jquery.js, bootstrap.bundle.min.js, jquery.slimscroll, etc. These files are used at core of the theme.
app.js This is a main js file. It contains the custom JS code needed for features including layout, sidebar, etc.
pages/*.js These are the files containing pages specific code. They are mainly used for demo purpose.
plugins/**.js All supported and integrated third-party plugins are included in here.

Once again thank you for purchasing the theme. I am always avaialble to help you. If you have any suggestion or feature to make it more better, I am requesting you to contact me, I'll try my best to add them in future updates.


- Mannat-themes

Version 1.0.0 - 17 Janu 2020

  • Initial released

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